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Andrea W

“I had relapsed after over a decade of sobriety and was in a rehab center when I contacted Pete. Reeling with guilt, shame, remorse, and heartache, I didn’t know what to expect. Pete treated me with kindness, dignity, and respect, something I didn’t think I deserved at the time. He was compassionate and knowledgeable about the disease of addiction which I found great comfort in. Pete was able to reach a settlement that was not only fair, but better than we had hoped for.”

Anonymous Client

“He is passionate about his clients and his work. He is professional, ethical, personable, and a perfectionist. Nothing gets by him. I truly felt he looked out for me every step of the way.”

Paula H

“I am extremely grateful to Pete for his knowledge and experience not only of the law but also of my situation in early recovery from alcohol. I was at an extremely vulnerable time in early recovery when Pete’s compassion allowed me to focus on myself while he dedicated himself to my divorce case.”

Anonymous Client

“Pete has a special awareness of addiction making him the perfect person to represent me as he understood my unique situation. With his deep understanding of addiction Pete was able to show compassion and grace in his daily interactions with me. This is more than a job to Pete; he has a passion for helping those struggling and conquering this disease of addiction. I have my life back and I will be forever thankful to him.”

Anonymous Client

“Pete was my lawyer through a messy divorce that spanned two years and ultimately ended in a trial. Throughout the process he paid attention to every detail and gave me the honest pros/cons of every choice I faced. People say that lawyers are not honest. They haven’t met Pete Chambers.”

Tony H

“The incidental hiring of Pete Chambers totally changed the losing trajectory of my very contentious divorce. Pete was able to secure a settlement for me. I am able to spend more time with my boys and my business was not ruined. Trust me...You want Pete on your side!”

Jeanne M

“My divorce came after 42 years of marriage and 6 children, and I was devastated when I came to Pete for representation. Pete was brilliant and thorough in his investigation of the finances of the marriage and made sure I was financially supported in less than obvious ways. Throughout the ordeal he was patient, caring, supportive, encouraging and strengthening and in the end, I was stronger and more confident than at the beginning. I will always be grateful for him.”

Sarah M

“I had no idea where to go for good legal advice and was fearful of the big divorce firms. Throughout the course of my case, Pete’s compassion, knowledge, and experience gave me great comfort and confidence that all would be well for me. I can say that my divorce was handled expertly from start to finish, that my wishes were honored, my financial needs met, and in a way for our family to best move forward in peace. I am most grateful!”

Ben A

“Pete is very well prepared, tenacious, easy to work with, very professional and in my case was very respected by our Judge. I would highly recommend Pete Chambers to protect your assets and accomplish the task in a timely fashion.”

Michelle R

“After one attempt at mediation, the mediator took me aside and told me that there were only two attorneys in this state who could handle a case as complicated as mine, and Pete was one of them. I highly recommend Pete Chambers to anyone who is going through a divorce.”

Sally N

“Pete Chambers is the only attorney I’ll ever use again. He is honest, compassionate, fair-minded, and does his homework. He also has a warmth that is authentic. I know he cared about me, about my case, about my children, and continues to stay in touch, decades after we finished our business. I’d trust him with my life!”