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Paternity is the legal process through which a father-child relationship is recognized in the eyes of the law. While married men will have paternity established at a child’s birth, unmarried fathers must have a court-established paternity. Paternity issues can arise in many types of family law cases including:

  • Child support: Unmarried parents can be ordered to pay child support in a paternity action
  • Parenting plans: A father is first required to establish paternity before obtaining a court ordered parenting plan
  • Adoption: A father who has legally established paternity must give his consent to relinquish his parental rights to an adoptive parent
  • Inheritance: Establishing paternity protects the child’s right to inheritance. Otherwise, a father without established paternity must leave their property to a child with a will or trust.
  • Health care: Established paternity allows a father to include their child on a health insurance policy

If you are a father or mother looking to establish paternity, Chambers Family Law can provide the necessary expertise and support to help you through this process.

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