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The State of Georgia requires parents to provide their minor children with adequate support and a parent is not permitted to waive a child’s right to receive child support. Any custodial parent, the person caring for the child more than half the time, or the caretaker of the child may collect regular child support from the parent who should contribute. To determine the amount of child support that will be required, the judge will use an “income-sharing” approach. This uses the mother and father’s joint incomes, minus any deductions, to determine the amount each parent will have to pay in child support. A court may increase or decrease the child support order depending on the individual circumstances of both parents and the best interest of the child.

Chambers Family Law will work with you to make sure that all of the factors that can result in the best child support award for you and your children are properly addressed.

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At Chambers Family Law, we know that family law cases are often uniquely contentious and complex and often cause extreme stress for families regardless of their situation or the value of the parties’ marital estate. Cases involving divorce, alimony, custody, equitable distribution, child support, expert fees, legal fees, and other matters can be settled practically and fairly when handled properly.
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