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At the core, post judgment means after a judgment has been entered. In most cases, divorce, legal separation, or nullity judgment is entered by the court after the parties reach an agreement or there is a trial on the merits. This type of proceeding may include any of the following types of cases:

  • Motions to set aside the Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce
    • On the basis of mistake, surprise, neglect, or fraud.
  • Motions to enforce a judgment
    • This is more common, and occurs for example when a parent does not follow a custody/visitation schedule, a party does not pay child support, a party delays the sale of shared marital property, and more.
  • Motions to collect on the terms of a judgment
    • This can occur when a party refuses to pay an obligation such as child support, spousal support, or an equalization payment within the terms of an order of judgment that was previously made.
  • Motions to interpret vague or ambiguous terms of a judgment
    • These instances are more rare, but either party may bring a motion to request the court to interpret the terms of the judgment.
  • Motions to modify a judgment
    • There are many kinds of judgments, decrees, and orders that are modifiable in family law. Child custody and child support are two orders that can always be modified.

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At Chambers Family Law, we know that family law cases are often uniquely contentious and complex and often cause extreme stress for families regardless of their situation or the value of the parties’ marital estate. Cases involving divorce, alimony, custody, equitable distribution, child support, expert fees, legal fees, and other matters can be settled practically and fairly when handled properly.
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