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It is very common for one party to be unhappy with the result of their family law matter leading to the party appealing the trial court’s decision. If you disagree with the decision reached after your trial, you can file an appeal. Once an appeal is filed, the entire case is reviewed by a higher court. The appeals court will review the evidence presented to the trial court and they will decide whether a legal error was made. Unfortunately, an appeal does not allow you to re-do your trial and you won’t be able to submit any new evidence. After the appeals court reviews your case, they will decide to either set aside, confirm, or modify the trial court’s judgment with the possibility of ordering a new trial.

Appeals can be complicated, expensive, and lengthy. Chambers Family Law encourages you to reach out to discuss your situation so that we can help determine if you have a basis to file an appeal and what your likelihood of success is.

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At Chambers Family Law, we know that family law cases are often uniquely contentious and complex and often cause extreme stress for families regardless of their situation or the value of the parties’ marital estate. Cases involving divorce, alimony, custody, equitable distribution, child support, expert fees, legal fees, and other matters can be settled practically and fairly when handled properly.
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