What They Say
“A girlfriend referred me to Pete Chambers after my husband filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage. I had relapsed after over a decade of sobriety and was in a rehab center in Atlanta when I contacted Pete. He drove out to the rehab to meet me for the first time. Reeling with guilt, shame, remorse, and heartache, I didn’t know what to expect. Pete treated me with kindness, dignity, and respect, something I didn’t think I deserved at the time. He was compassionate and knowledgeable about the disease of addiction which I found great comfort in. He took my case, and I knew that I would be safe in his hands. Pete was able to reach a settlement that was not only fair, but better than we had hoped for. He is passionate about his clients and his work. He is professional, ethical, personable, and a perfectionist. Nothing gets by him. I truly felt he looked out for me every step of the way. Post-divorce, and I survived it and got sober, and I am thriving today. Pete emails me each year on my sober anniversary to congratulate me and to wish me another year of peace, joy, and happiness. Wow. That’s really saying something about this man. Thank you, Pete. You helped pull me through a really tough time and I’ll always be grateful for your amazing abilities and spirit.”
Andrea Walton
Former Client
“I am extremely grateful to Pete Chambers for his knowledge and experience not only of the law but also of my situation in early recovery from alcohol. I was at an extremely vulnerable time in early recovery when Pete’s compassion allowed me to focus on myself while he dedicated himself to my divorce case. Pete has a special awareness of addiction making him the perfect person to represent me as he understood my unique situation. With his deep understanding of addiction Pete was able to show compassion and grace in his daily interactions with me. This is more than a job to Pete; he has a passion for helping those struggling and conquering this disease of addiction. I have my life back and I will be forever thankful to him. “
Paula Herraiz
Former Client
“Pete Chambers was my lawyer through a messy divorce that spanned two years and ultimately ended in a trial. Throughout the process he paid attention to every detail and gave me the honest pros/cons of every choice I faced. He was punctual and answered every question that I raised. Years later he showed up again, as we fought a messy custody modification case. I am grateful not just for his guidance throughout the processes, but also for his wisdom that has proved correct over the years following. People say that lawyers are not honest. They haven’t met Pete Chambers.”
Former Client
“The incidental hiring of Pete Chambers totally changed the losing trajectory of my very contentious divorce. I was ambushed with a divorce filing that my ex-wife and her attorney had been putting together for 6 months, trying to portray me as an unfit parent, and to take as many of my assets, (the business I had built prior to marriage) as they could. I was referred to an attorney who was supposed to be one of the “top divorce lawyers” in Atlanta. However, after 2 full day mediations and thousands of dollars, I was told to settle and agree to everything my ex-wife was demanding. This “top divorce” firm was questioning my honesty and basically believing the false allegations from my ex-wife’s attorney.

I met Pete through a mutual friend and told him about the status of my divorce and explained my discontent. Taking immediate action, I fired existing counsel and retained Pete…and then everything changed. Although I was still the underdog at that time, Pete was very clever. He turned the narrative around through his guidance and thoroughness. He chose to fight my ex-wife’s counsel instead of rolling over. It got more contentious as he chipped away at all the false allegations. After 2 more mediations, Pete was able to secure a settlement for me with a much better outcome. I was able to spend more time with my boys and my business was not ruined.

Two years later I brought Pete back in to represent me in a contempt of court case against my ex-wife. for making disparaging comments against me to my son’s doctors. We went for the hearing and Pete professionally shined a light on the craziness and he won the case, resulting in the Judge finding my ex in contempt of court and making her pay my legal fees. Of course, they appealed it twice and once again, Pete defeated both of their appeals. As a result, I’ve had no more legal issues with my ex-wife.
Trust me…You want Pete on your side!”

Tony Harper
Former Client
“Pete Chambers was recommended to me by a friend whose daughter was legal secretary to a lawyer in a divorce case in which the opposing lawyer was Pete Chambers. After the finalization of the case, the daughter told her mother that if she ever needed a divorce lawyer, she would go to Pete Chambers. My divorce came after 42 years of marriage and 6 children, and I was devastated when I came to Pete for representation. Pete was brilliant and thorough in his investigation of the finances of the marriage and made sure I was financially supported in less than obvious ways. Throughout the ordeal he was patient, caring, supportive, encouraging and strengthening and in the end, I was stronger and more confident than at the beginning. I will always be grateful for him.”
Jeanne Miller
Former Client
“I am glad to recommend Pete Chambers and his associates for many reasons. After 36 years of what I thought was a happy marriage, I was devastated to learn that it wasn’t. I had no idea where to go for good legal advice and was fearful of the big divorce firms. A family friend with many corporate connections inquired among his circle and gave me three names. From that list, I began with a telephone call to Pete and after our first conversation I felt at ease and relieved; there didn’t seem to be a need to call the others. In our office meeting that followed, I experienced more of Pete’s great skill for listening and asking the right questions, ending with his careful “take charge” strategy forward. Throughout the course of my case, his compassion, knowledge, experience, and impressive working relationship with other professionals we would need gave me great comfort and confidence that all would be well for me. I can say that my divorce was handled expertly from start to finish, that my wishes were honored, my financial needs met, and in a way for our family to best move forward in peace. I am most grateful!”
Sarah Murphy
Former Client
“Pete Chambers was my attorney for my second divorce and did a fantastic job. Pete is very well prepared, tenacious, easy to work with, very professional and in my case was very respected by our Judge. He has built a great team around him of Forensic Accountants and Assistants that completed all of our needs. Even though our case was in the middle of a Covid Pandemic when everything was being postponed and rescheduled, Pete was always ready and helped facilitate getting special hearings and rescheduled court dates to avoid having the case drag out forever. I would highly recommend Pete Chambers as a divorce attorney to protect your assets and accomplish the task in a timely fashion. “
Ben Andrews
Former Client
“Pete, today I fully realized how fortunate I was to have been referred to you. I was an emotional, reactive, intense, complaining wreck throughout this process and you always made me feel better, safe, and in good hands. Your strategic planning, direction, and guidance over these last 5 months brought us to that table today. I look back and I can’t help but be impressed by how detail oriented you were (Even in the face of such an unorganized opposition). You went line by line, protected me, and got me what I asked for 5 months ago: Equal time with my baby girl, financially protected, and able to start over again. I told you that I was praying for bottom, well, I hit it today and am on the way up from here. You have impacted my life forever and given me a chance to really and truly be happy in life, as a man, as a father, and as a husband again one day”.
John T. Moore III
Former Client
“Pete Chambers is the best. I tried two other attorneys first. I was passed to an overworked associate once the partner decided my case wasn’t big enough. The partners believed the paperwork my ex-husband sent in instead of me. My experience with Pete was the opposite. He was very thorough. He devoted all the time and energy needed to my case. I was never passed off to an associate. After one attempt at mediation, the mediator took me aside and told me that there were only two attorneys in this state who could handle a case as complicated as mine, and Pete was one of them. I highly recommend Pete Chambers to anyone who is going through a divorce.”
Michelle Rolader
Former Client
“Pete Chambers is a gentleman. That’s the first thing I noticed, and perhaps one of the most important. He is well-respected in a field where respect and integrity are key. His sincere caring and understanding of these difficult situations virtually helped maintain my sanity. After 8 years I still thank the friends who recommended Pete to me and. That’s why I am happy to recommend him to you”
Sarah Cotton
Former Client
“Pete Chambers is the only attorney I’ll ever use again. He is honest, compassionate, fair-minded, and does his homework. He also has a warmth that is authentic. I know he cared about me, about my case, about my children, and continues to stay in touch, decades after we finished our business. I’d trust him with my life!”
Sally C. Neal
Former Client
“Pete Chambers understanding of my case and his attention to every detail was most impressive. He actually remembered important events in my case that I had forgotten. He formulated a detailed strategy to achieve my goals and was both clear and confident presenting my case in the court room. Pete’s sincerity and concern always made me feel that I was unique individual, not just another client.”
David Gildar
Former Client
“I sought Pete Chambers’ counsel for my divorce because he had a proven track record of providing emotional support in addition to excellent legal counsel. When you go through a divorce, it is a painful process. You need someone like Pete who can not only represent your best interests in the court system but also is a trusted advisor and is available to you for all your questions and concerns.”
Former Client
“Our experience with Pete Chambers goes back fifteen years when my wife first sought him out for a divorce from her then husband. Pete was supportive, helpful, and most thorough during that episode. We again used his services for Child Support Issues just months ago. No longer living near Atlanta, we were pleasantly surprised and pleased at the management of our case. Much of the detail was managed over the phone and when action was needed, Pete made sure that things happened the way they were supposed to. You get what you pay for with Pete Chambers — Complete Honest Professionalism, Great Attention to Detail, Knowledge of the Law and Methods to Enforce the Law, and a Friendly Caring Persona of Genuine Interest.”
Lester and Teri Barrett
Former Client
“During a time of great emotion and stress, Pete provided intellectual & practical guidance in how to handle situations & resolve our differences. Pete was always accessible for me & returned my electronic messages or phone calls on the same day or at a minimum let me know he would the following day. He was highly professional with opposing counsel and made efforts to reach middle ground. He provided business advice for me to consider, and always kept in mind the cost effectiveness of my case, as he considered resolution versus continuing legal expense. Pete was very good and professional in court and he anticipated the Judge’s desires, focused on simplifying the issues for the court. He was always very prepared.”
Phillip Brunson
Former Client
“Pete Chambers did a major league job for me several years ago and has since provided exceptional follow up service as issues arose. I would highly recommend Pete to anyone having a need for an attorney. He certainly took very good care of me.”
Leo Mazzone
Former Client
“Divorce is not pretty. Pete Chambers, while serving as my attorney,was the most professional and calming force in my life during that tumultuous period. He guided me and helped me to understand a frightening process all the while making sure I was awarded what was fair. I cannot imagine what would have happened to me if he had not been in my court. He went after my ex with the zealousness needed to procure a settlement which was appropriate. With that said. I had 2 attorneys previously. Both of which were profiteers at best. Pete was fair in his rates and aware of my financial burdens. I cannot recommend a finer attorney and nicer person in this city to represent anyone in a divorce preceding other than Pete chambers.”
Liz McDermott
Former Client
“I was so relieved after my first meeting with Pete. He really listened to me and understood the most important and relevant issues in my case even when I couldn’t really articulate them well. He took immediate action and things started to turn around and move forward very quickly which was what I wanted more than anything – for it all to be over. He spent as much time with me as I needed and very patiently and thoroughly answered all of my questions and concerns. I always received personal attention from Pete. He personally responded to all of my emails and phone calls. I always felt like he was completely on top of things and I never had to repeat myself or talk to someone else and wonder or worry if Pete had received my message. During the most trying and difficult period of my life, Pete’s care and concern for me and my children was a huge part of what kept me going as he skillfully steered me through the divorce process and on to the rest of my life.”
Melissa Kaiser
Former Client
“Pete provided me with personal one-on-one service as I went through a very difficult divorce. He was available by phone and e-mail at just about any time. He took an interest in me and fought for what I was entitled to at a time that I could not. I am sure that I would not have had the successful outcome I did without a hardworking attorney like Pete.”
Pam King
Former Client
“Once I made the difficult decision to file for divorce I needed to find someone who would be factual and realistic, sympathetic yet understanding. Someone who truly looked out for my best interest and took all factors into consideration short and long term. Pete and his team were the best, they gave me the service, respect and courtesy I was looking for. Under the circumstances I could not have asked for a better experience.”
Michelle H
Former Client
“The harrowing reality of divorce is equally matched by the process of finding your attorney. Pete Chambers was my fourth interview. I will never forget the first three who all left me feeling lost and painfully alone in my situation. They could not have been nicer, but something was not right. Finding a partner for this journey is your first and most important decision. First impressions are real. Your client experience will be far greater than just being in good legal hands. Pay attention to the details for each one contributes to your experience. I suppose it is obvious that I found my attorney in Pete Chambers.”
Former Client
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