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At Chambers Family Law, we are experts for every kind of divorce and we specialize in cases involving addiction, whether the addict/alcoholic or the codependent; and we represent each with the awareness and knowledge that only personal experience can provide. We treat our clients with dignity and compassion, as they seek to find recovery from addiction or codependency.

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Secure equitable financial support post-divorce with our expert alimony services, dedicated to establishing fair and sustainable arrangements for your future

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Going through a divorce can be a long and painful process. It’s not uncommon for one party to be unhappy with one or more of the court’s decisions.

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Ensure your child's well being and financial security with our skilled child support services, advocating for arrangements that best serve your child's interests and needs.

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Paternity actions

When the child is born out of wedlock, the biological mother has inherent rights to the child and establishing a fathers’ paternity rights can be more involved.

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Navigate the complexities of separation with our comprehensive divorce services, ensuring your rights and interests are protected every step of the way.

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Legitimation Actions

Legitimation allows a biological father to be recognized as the legal father with parental rights. Legitimation must be established before a father can be granted any rights.

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Custody (and modifications of custody)

When parents decide to dissolve a marriage, their children are often the innocent bystanders to the emotional toll that may have been building for years.

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Post-judgment collections/ contempt applications

After a divorce or legal separation, one party may need to return to the court to modify or to enforce the original divorce decree and/or settlement agreement.

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Prenuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement can basically resolve all issues, (except for the issues of custody and child support), that need to be resolved in the event of a divorce.

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Reconciliation agreements

Reconciliation agreements are executed when a couple is planning to reconcile and continue with their marriage, but specific conditions need to be in place.