Our Promise

Chambers Family Law

“Sum quod eris; fui quod sis.”

Where you are now, I have been. Where I am now, you will be.

“Yes, where you are now, I have been.  And where I am now, you can be also.  Having been the client through a difficult and painful divorce, I have personally experienced what you are now going through, so I genuinely understand. Viewing this process through the eyes of a client has provided me with a unique insight into what this experience is truly like for each of my clients. That personal experience and the resulting awareness is what makes us different from other family law attorneys. Being a client taught me how to be a better lawyer.

The words “me” and “too” when joined together can become words of hope, trust, and salvation in a time of crisis. Being able to say to my clients “yes, I know, me too”, provides them with comfort in knowing that I truly understand their situation, because I have personally traveled the path they are about to embark. They reflect my past, and I reflect their future.”

– Eugene P. Chambers, III